3 years in and we still love it

3 years in and we still love it

It’s been at least 3 Years since my Wife and I Purchased our Relay spa and we love it just as much now, as we did when we first bought it. I’m actually writing this as I’m drying off after 30 minutes of total relaxation at 103 degrees. Most people like it a couple of degrees cooler. I only have good things to say about my spa. You can get fancy with your cleaning kit but mine only seems to need chlorine about once a week. The water seems perfect year round. We live in California and my young kids love playing around in it during the day at lower temperature and it only needs a short amount of time to get It to my 103 when I get home from work. I’m being very serious when I tell you that when you’re sitting or laying in it with the jets blasting away and the lights are flowing in a 5 color rotation, you feel like you’re away on some awesome vacation. Best purchase ever for my family and myself

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